Help, turkey with inflated crop?

Help, why is my crop bulging out like this?

Help, why is my crop bulging out like this?

I noticed yesterday that one of my young turkeys has what looks to be an inflated crop or gizzard. I have asked around here in town but no one seems to know the cause or what, if anything can be done about it. Does anyone out there have experience with this? If so, please leave me a comment. And, to anyone reading this, can you please forward to any veterinarians you know in case they can identify what this is and can offer some suggestions on what I can do about it.


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5 responses to “Help, turkey with inflated crop?

  1. We’ve never had that problem, but an acquaintance had a laying hen with an impacted crop from not receiving enough grit. They slit the skin and crop, and cleaned out the foul (fowl 😉 smelling contents and sutured her back up. She survived the home surgery, and went on to be a successful layer. I don’t know if you want to attempt something that extreme.
    Arnica for pain, and Hepar Sulph for antibiotic can’t hurt either if you do subject the bird to surgery. Even if you take the turkey to a conventional vet, the homeopathic will help in conjunction with regular meds.

    Don’t know if any of this helps or not… .

  2. Thanks for responding. The nearest vet is nearly 500 kms away from here, so taking her isn’t an option at the moment. The odd thing about her is she doesn’t seem lethargic or upset by this impaction. I did get them some grit yesterday, and will watch to see if this changes anything. If not, I’m certainly not opposed to ‘home surgery’ and have had to do oddball things before in between ‘OK, done that…what’s next’ phone calls to the vet!

  3. PS. Do you know if they did the surgery without any pain meds? Was it just a ‘hold her down and go for it’ mode?

  4. It was a just “go for it” surgery. They figured they would lose her if they didn’t do something, and they used Arnica for the trauma before and after for several days.

    Turkeys need a lot of grit, even if they are free ranging, and they like the larger, here it is sold by #1 fine, … ours are 11 weeks and liking #3, but any gravel you have access to would work fine. We have to confine ours because of bobcats, and cougars, and they eat grit like it is food.

  5. I was alarmed at how much gravel they ate when I first gave them access…good to hear from you that this is normal. Thanks colleague!

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