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Canning Pears, Martha Stewart

Someone used the title of this post as a google query and managed to end up at Howling Duck Ranch. It’s an odd grouping of words, but even odder that Howling Duck Ranch results as an option. It kind of has a ring to it: canning pears Martha Stewart. Sort of like Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, albeit slightly less threatening.  I picture Martha in her kitchen, crouched down low beside her compost bucket, knife in hand, slowly creeping up on her pears, ready to pounce…

That said, I spent the day yesterday making two different kinds of chutney: both involved apples not pears. One is an apricot chutney that I will use for my ‘Fast, Slow Food‘ samosas and other curries. I love cooking curries, love Indian food in general. The other is an apple chutney that I’ve never made before. It is recommended for pork and chicken. I’m not generally a fruit and meat kind of gal, so we’ll see.

I made these two chutneys partly because I wanted to try them, but mostly to make up for the fact that I burned the plum sauce that a friend was helping me make the night before. She and I spent the whole day washing, pitting and canning plums. It was so nice to have some company in the kitchen. The job seems to go so much more pleasurably when you have someone along for the ride; so much less like work.

Somehow she’d even managed to fit in making jalapeno poppers and we greedily devoured them while sauces reduced on the stove. Finally, it was late. She was tired, I was tired, her son was bored and in need of going to bed, so she left the last of the plums in my ‘capable’ care. Mistake. As Trapper will tell you, ‘never can when you are tired’. I wish I’d heeded those words (and read that post before yesterday) and went to bed instead. Then, J and I might just have my favourite plum sauce in addition to the jams and canned plums to show for our efforts, and I might have been able to spend yesterday harvesting the last of the beans instead of making guilt chutney!

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