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A doe a deer

Back from the hunt empty handed. Altogether we spotted 19 does but not a single buck. Didn’t even put a round in the chamber all weekend as there was nothing legal that presented itself. We also saw three grouse but none of them in a legal hunting spot (they were all on the side of the road that has a 1/4 mile restriction). So they went on their merry way, having been admired from 4 pairs of eyes.

Despite the lack of game, it was nice to get out and walk through the forest. The scenery was amazing and the smell of the fall air simply delightful. The weather was great, warm enough to be comfortable once you were moving. We did see a sow grizzly with two cubs grazing on some grass. They were the most tame grizzly bears we’ve ever seen which was nice in that we didn’t ever feel threatened, but alarming in others: they are getting far too accustomed to seeing humans and this is not what you want in a bear.

Today, I’ve got to do a bunch of brush clearing and burning, change the bedding in the turkey barn, put more bedding in the chicken barn, lift the dahlias, harvest the last of the beets, can yet more sauerkraut and make cabbage rolls with the whole cabbage that was sunk in this batch of kraut. Gotta go!

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