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To do list

I should call this my ‘bucket list’ because nearly every one of these chores requires a bucket. Also, with farming, you hope you manage to get the ‘to do’ list all done before you kick the bucket!

Re-org freezer

Re-organize freezers in prep for 1/2 cow (by Thursday)

Defrost fish

Weigh/quantify fruits/veggies in new freezer


Set-up butchering station a la Clarence

Butcher ducks, can

Butcher chickens, can

Kitchen/food prep

Pick-up cut and wrapped cow from butcher, frozen (Wednesday)

Pick-up fresh meat and fat for canning

Render cow fat, freeze in bags

French fry potatoes, freeze in bags

Wash, slice and dry carrots

Bag and freeze kale

Sterilize canning jars

Make bread

Make cookies

Make a pie

Pasteurize milk

Make ricotta cheese

Make bread from whey from cheesemaking process

Pasteurize milk

Make yogurt


Can fish

Can fresh stewing meat

Can duck meat

Can some chickens

Animal Husbandry

Clean out poultry nursery, wash down, dry etc in prep for newbys arriving Friday

Set up nursery with new bedding, lights, water, feed etc before Friday!

Clean goat pens, duck pens, transfer chooks and turkeys, clean big chicken barn pen, new bedding for everyone

Set up automatic watering system for chickens

Fix fencing in chook run


Dig dahlias, store

Plant garlic

Plant tulips

Take down bean poles, store

Compost debris in garden

Harvest last of kale

Harvest more carrots

Place hay bales on top of carrots for winter storage


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