A green meme

I’ve been tagged by Dani of The Kitchen Playground for a green meme (1). The list of questions generated for me were not as interesting as hers, but I’m interested to see what gets generated for others! As Dani said, I’m interested in the possibilities this opens, for learning and generating discussion.

Lets wrap up the administrative side of things, here are The Guidelines:
1. Link to Green Meme Bloggers
2. Link to whoever tagged you
3. Include meme number
4. Include these guidelines in your post
5. Answer questions (erm – that bits quite important)
6. Tag 3 other green bloggers.

Green Meme #2

1. Do you use baking soda toothpaste or baking soda shampoo? If not, would you consider it? I use baking soda for all sorts, including toothpaste. Didn’t know soda shampoo existed! I would use it if it were at the Hagensborg Mercantile.

2. Do you make any home cleaning products? Baking soda for most things, I also use vinegar for disinfecting, and both together for drain cleaning.

3. What is your top green issue at the moment?
The politics of food: most green issues are represented and/or revealed in our food production and distribution system. This centralized system is responsible for a lot of the world’s environmental degradation, economic oppression of farmers and rural areas, the unraveling of our societal fabric, atrocious animal abuses, and a host of other problems. If we brought production and distribution of food back to our communities, raised the bar on relevant environmental issues surrounding food production and distribution, and created ethical guidelines for production and distribution (vis-a-vis animal treatment in particular), we’d solve a lot of things in one fell swoop.

4. Given unlimited cash, what is on your fantasy green wishlist? I would make my home completely independent in energy, water, and heat as we were when we built our home in New Zealand. Then I would build an dairy in the valley and employ lots of people, provide our community with good food and dairy products, and raise happy goats and cows on good pasture; I’d raise ‘salad bar’ dairy products and run a large mixed pasture raised farm (a la Salatin).

5. Have you implemented any new green act/behaviour/product this month? Dehydrating and canning more food, thereby using less of my freezer space specifically and being less dependant upon electricity in general.

And to learn a whole lot more, I’ll link to the following informative gals: Little Ffarm Dairy, Throwback at Trapper Creek, and Season’s Eating Farm.



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3 responses to “A green meme

  1. olddani

    Ah bless, you found one 😀
    You can always copy and past the questions from my blog too…so glad you tagged Throwback at Trapper Creek. I found that blog through yours and I love it too.

  2. Olddani–I’ve tried getting to your blog several times, but the url doesn’t work. Are you sure you have it written in correctly? For example, your name above is not ‘hot’ and in the recent comments, it doesn’t work.

  3. Righty-ho, I’ll have a go!

    can’t guarantee it will be in the next few days though as we’re kinda busy – Tony starts his new job on Friday so I’ll be on my ownsome mananging farm, business & life!

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