Base camp

Here is the moose hunting base camp, the cabin at Louie Creek. It is where Clarence and his family moose hunt from. They have been hunting here for 42 years. The cabin was built by an Indian trapper many, many years ago and Clarence got permission from him to use it. Over some years, Clarence and his sons built many trails from the cabin up into the mountains behind. Since then, the old trapper has died and the cabin now sits inside a hunting guide territory. The family still has access to it and keeps it up through additions and repairs. Heading up again today. More on the hunting trip when I’m back, I may be here a while!

The cabin at Louie Creek.

The cabin at Louie Creek.


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3 responses to “Base camp

  1. El

    Well, best of luck to you! It should be a fun trip even if it’s not fruitful (but I do hope the latter for you).

    Our honeymoon was spent on one of those fly-in fishing camps in middle-north Ontario. Our cabin looked a heck of a lot like this old trapper’s place, with the exception that it actually had an indoor shower (propane HW tank). Anyway. One day I was in the bathroom after the shower and looked out the back window to a moose. “Wow,” I thought. “I thought moose were huge. That thing’s pretty puny. And why is it tan colored, I thought they were dark brown,” went my thought train. Sure enough, another one showed up. Same color, same size.

    Then mama showed up. She was as tall as the cabin, easily.

    Yep, I saw two calves, then mama. They have my deep respect: those critters were HUGE.

  2. That’s a great looking cabin, and pretty neat that is has some history to it too. And I think I see a sweet little outhouse in the distance! Have an awesome trip and have a blast!

  3. Jen

    Can’t wait to hear all about the trip when you get back!

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