Butchering days are upon us

I’m back from the hunting, but now engrossed in my ‘down-sizing’. Going to butcher a few ducks, some of the turkeys and all of the roosters over the next few days. Will get back to more regular postings next week. Gotta go light the fire!


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3 responses to “Butchering days are upon us

  1. I’m interested whether you take them to a processing plant for butchering, or whether you take them out to your barn. =) This is something I have been thinking about as we’ve been making plans. Enjoy the fire!

  2. Let’s put it this way, I live 855 kms (521 mi), or a 9 hour and 35 minute drive, from the nearest licensed processing plant. Hence, I light my own fire (see butchering day: turkeys for a picture of the fire I’m lighting!) and butcher everything myself.

  3. El

    Good luck with it all. I did 5 chickens about a week ago in the snow and it really did me in: I had to take a hot shower and climb in bed, I was so darned wiped out. I’m such a wimp! (Plus, our turkey celebration is in a week and a half so I have more butchering to do too.)

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