Bears still wreaking havoc

Well, it’s been two more days and the bear is still on the loose. It has hit two more people’s chicken shed, completely wiping their flocks out. Here’s hoping the Conservation Officer is able to trap them. If he is successful, we then have to hope he will kill them and not just relocate them, and the problem, elsewhere!


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4 responses to “Bears still wreaking havoc

  1. Very interesting couple of posts.
    Your response to EJ was very well thought out and written. It would have been very easy to tell him/her to ‘go stick your head in a bucket.’

    It does seem strange that the bears are up and about this time of year. What is frightening to me, is —what happens if they run out of chicken sheds to get into? The ease at which they are able to enter a building is amazing.

    Glad you and Clarence thought better than to go looking for them when you knew you were near them. Your earlier posts regarding bear hunting were scary just thinking about missing a shot and getting attacked.

    I hope it gets taken care of one way or another. What happens if you encounter one, and decide to defend yourself? Will you be arrested, fined??? Stay safe. Carry a gun. A big gun.

  2. I really hope the CO makes progress – and QUICKLY….for all your sakes down there in the valley.

    I agree with ceecee reference what I felt was a very trite & frankly, ignorant comment from EJ; it would be interesting to have some comprehension regarding the context from which EJ writes.

    UK farmers find all too often, that the people who come up with such statements are those who don’t really understand or appreciate the rural/wild environment: foxes are seen as ‘pretty little dogs’; badgers as ‘honest gentlemen’; & grey squirrels as ‘cute’; & all such animals are not only to be tolerated but positively encouraged. Said people deliberately ignore – or just cannot comprehend – the devastation that a fox can cause if it manages to infiltrate even the most well-protected poultry house – often wildly killing all the occupants & not even eating so much as a single one; not to mention taking lambs from the fields. Nor of the vast swathes of damage that a group of badgers can wreak havoc, in carefully-planted fields with their digging; not to mention that they are carriers of TB & are bringing the UK dairy industry to its knees (but as a protected species there’s not a darn thing we can do about them); nor that grey squirrels cause devastation to songbirds’ nests in Spring, eating eggs & young chicks…if they realised they are more like rats with fluffy tails they might think differently.

    Perhaps we should all stop farming in order that creatures such as bears, cougars, wild pigs, wolves, foxes, badgers etc can have free rein & live where they like. But the aforementioned people would doubtless be the first to complain if they turned up to the supermaket to buy their food….& found there wasn’t any; because – funny old thing – that food has to be grown &/or raised. And it’s grown &/or raised, by people called farmers…..

    And I’m sure that if EJ had to live with the reality of a bear on the doorstep, s/he’d be “singing from a different hymnsheet”.

    • Little Ffarm, Ceecee–Sadly, EJ’s questions are very much representative the dominant hegemony’s political position vis-a-vis wildlife-human conflict here in ‘Supernatural BC’…Supernatural, being the descriptor on our vehicle license plates. Greenpeace was started in Vancouver, and while they’ve done some amazing work around the world, they have a lot to answer for here at home (and, I suspect elsewhere), though I’m probably the first to say that out loud and in public! So, I’m not surprised by her questions at all, and was glad to have had the opportunity to answer them. Here’s hoping people start considering the reality they put people in when they make legislation based on such dangerous fallacy as we are responsible for not attracting them. The slippery slope to that argument doesn’t turn out well at all for the humans.

      Ceecee–we are still (by the skin of our teeth) allowed to shoot in self-defense.

  3. wisenewbags

    Nice looking cougar. Its great meat. I can see your technique is removing the skin carefully for the hide I’d bet.
    Good blog. check mine out wisenewbags.

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