A brief update

ant_writingHello folks! First off, thanks for all the comments and advice you’ve so generously shared over the past few months with me. I’m feeling somewhat guilty lately as I’ve not been able to keep up the near daily posts–for various reasons, some under my control and many not. The main reason I’ve been truant of late is that I’m putting together a book! I hope to complete it in the next few weeks. I thought it would be done this week, but thanks to the generous and provocative feedback of some close friends, I’m now adding another couple of sections and chapters. So, I will get back to the more regular posts; it is just going to be a while yet.

In the meantime, thanks to Mitch for the ‘make my day’ feedback about my blog. I will write an update post about the chickens as per you r request, ‘as soon as’. Rest assured, they are doing fine and loving their new home. I will post some updated photos when I get a moment.

I’m thrilled to have happy news to report. Just when I was about to make a confessional report that I’d lost Virginia the kitten, she reappeared! After the first three weeks of having her here, I decided to let her have her first ‘free range, outdoor adventure’ and took her out to the  near barn. She promptly scurried to the back of it, hiding behind 132 hay bales, and wouldn’t come out. Nine days later–with both of us convinced she  was dead (killed by a fox) or had run away–my husband was surprised to find her in the new barn, sitting quietly behind the duck feed, gazing up at him as if to say, “Well where the heck have you been?” She is now  sitting on the couch, purring happily.

And finally, for those Stonehead fans who are wondering what happened to his blog, he has recently confessed that he is taking a ‘grumpy and mean’ break and taken it down temporarily. He’s been being attacked far too personally lately, and so has decided to give himself a rest from the vitriolic bombardment. Here’s hoping his ‘happy and nice’ batteries are soon recharged and he gets back up and running, educating and entertaining us all once again.

And that’s all folks! Back to the galley (and soon, hopefully, ‘galleys’!) …wish me luck.


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16 responses to “A brief update

  1. LittleFfarm Dairy

    A book – how interesting!

    I keep being encouraged by others to write one; but sadly just cannot find the time at the mo (especially now one of the girls appears to be ‘bagging up’ so I suspect the kids will appear far sooner than expected!). Dare I ask what the book’s about? If it’s about HDR it’ll be fascinating – & you write so well, too.

    How are you getting on with that stud male – did you bring him home for Fatty-Fat? I’ll start posting up some pics of the girls for you to give you a blow-by-blow account of the final stages of caprine pregnancy (warts & all).

    Poor old Stoney. I get the impression he was even receiving death threats from Animal Rights activists at one point owing to the ‘rabbit’ post – & he must be one of the most ethical, responsible homesteaders there is. If you email him again please send him my very best wishes & sincere sympathies – tell him if he wants to have a grump to feel free to email me – I understand where the poor bloke is coming from. Like you, I hope he soon feels happy enough to blog again.

    BTW – deligted Virginia has returned, such a sweet little lass! What a relief.

  2. Ah! I wondered if that had happened with Stoney…

    please also send him my best wishes as I have been worried as to why his blog was locked…

    And good luck with the book! What is it about?

    mine is stalled at the moment…too much else to pre occupy my braine I guess, what with the Forest school dissertation etc….

    Fingers crossed for you, to get it done when you want it done… :-))

  3. Mitch


    Thanks for posting and mentioning my name. So… thank you very much–as i may have said, in Australia, especially where I live, there’s not much good farming going around here.
    Thanks to the fires it so hot and smoky and, well yeah…Anyway thanks for the wonderful post and I really do love this blog–it is definitely my Favourite in the World

  4. So glad you found your kitten and good luck with the book – I’m awaiting Hedgewizard’s book, which should be here in the next few days. His is on poly tunnel culture, what’s yours about?

    Thanks on the info about Stonehead, I though his blog was a bit quiet but put it down to the storms and general bad weather. If you’re in contact please pass on my good wishes – it’s so sad that the actions of a few can remove the fun for so many.

    I’ve cut down my blogging too but I can’t claim it’s a book, more a case of lack of energy but it will pass, especially once the weather warms up a bit more and planting can begin.

  5. Beth

    Thank you for the info about Stonehead. I couldn’t work out why his blog had disappeared. Hope he feels better soon and those who have nothing better to do with their time than criticise others go and – (edited) – if I say what I mean I am no better than those whose behaviour is so disappointing.

  6. Jo

    Same from me to Stoney: with all the animal cruelty in the country, why fixate on someone who does so much for his animals, and other people (just look at all the first aiding he has done, above and beyond, me thinks)

    Is the book a how-to, memoirs or fiction? Well done on actually sitting down and writing it!

    And welcome back to Virginia. Cats have a mind of their own: it’s infuriating!

    Mitch: I hope you haven’t been suffering too much from the fires, it looks bloody horrendous.

  7. Robin

    A book! I can’t wait!

    I think personal attacks are in the air this winter. I took a break from the grumpy and mean but decided not to go back (a forum, not my blog). I hope the happy batteries recharge quickly.

  8. David

    Keep it up. I love this blog!! It’s great to hear stories from around the province of how people are working towards sustainability (the real kind, not the kind that our gummints blab on about).

  9. Jo–Studdly fit in rather nicely. He’s cute as a button with his disproportionately large horns! I had no idea the bucks horns would be so different to my wethers’. His name is Buddy and he is getting along famously with everyone here. I’m thrilled with the whole set-up thus far and hope to have kids soon. He and Sundown have mated, but the other two gals are hanging back. Buddy is going to stay for a month to try and catch all three goats’ cycles.

    Mitch–I was in Canberra in the winter of 2002-3 when those fires ripped through. It was very unpleasant to say the least and I was glad to return to NZ! My hubby is a Kiwi by birth and I am by naturalization, but Canadian by birth.

    Beth–yes, people are shocking…I think that’s why I like living so remotely!

    Jo–Virginia says hello!

    David–good to see you on the blog again, I was wondering where you’d gotten to. Thanks for the encouraging words.

    Everyone–Yes, the book is about my experiences on the farm and trying to grow all my own food for a year. There are bits of ‘how to’ but it’s not a ‘how to’ manual by any stretch. Instead, my experiences provide an example for the ‘would be’ farmers out there with no agricultural background, like me. Drawing from my blog are some of the more humorous or bizarre incidents. Also, it is about things I’ve learned along the way–both tangible skills and intangible problems (the legislative barriers to farming for example), and general conclusions I’ve come to and ideas about ‘where to from here’ for me personally, and suggestions for the general public.

  10. Jo

    Funnily enough, that’s my kind of book! Will it be published in the UK?

  11. Mitch

    Ohh were you! Yes the Canberra bushfires were bad. I still remember them… and to Jo, I’m doing well, but family have been injured and some have died in these fires–so thanks for the sympathy.
    Cheers Mitch

  12. Mitch

    Ohh sorry, I forgot to ask where abouts are you guys now–because one day I would love to come visit your farm!

  13. A book! How exciting. Keep us updated on that.
    Thanks for the update on Stonehead too.

  14. Mitch–sorry to hear about your family, are you at least safe? I know from my Canberra experience just how scary it is to be in that situation (as least I found it so, but then I’m from the West Coast of BC–a rain forest). So, the dryness of Aussie freaked me out…then the fires started! I was, to say the least, scared and I remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to die in an Aussie bush fire’ as I looked out the lawn where the limbs of the trees were landing on the lawn of where I was staying, still on fire. I hope it ends soon for you.

  15. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Hope you don’t mind but I just wanted to add my heartfelt sympathies to Mitch & his family (& indeed to all those in Australia who have been affected by this disaster), what a terrible tragedy. I feel guilty about grumbling because of all the snow here!

  16. Mitch

    Thanks For that so much

    Yes my Family Have suffred a litle but we are coping, Im Just really worried about this weekend if any more firebugs would light up a fire because we are close to the bush the last time we evacuated from a fire was in 2006 but this one seems much more worse than in 2006.

    But i guess we will see how it goes the Smoke around today was horrendous It was so hard to catch a good breath

    But thanks for your sympthathy
    And Keep up the good work on the posts Cant wait to hear about these chickens

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