Breeding a go-go

Shiraz is always happy to come for a hug and a scratch.

Shiraz is always happy to come for a hug and a scratch.

At the beginning of the month, I borrowed a buck from a neighbour. He’s one of two of the only pygmy goat bucks in the valley and, because all these little pygmy goats were brought here by the same man, I’m lucky that he’s not related to my gals.

At first I was worried he might fight with my boys, but they’ve all just accepted each other nicely. In fact, he and Malcolm were once kept on the same farm together so there was an historical familiarity between them that was noticeable.

Thus far, it seems that the little ‘rent-a-buck’ (Buddy) is a hit with the ladies. He’s made his rounds with each of them, though Shiraz remains the least interested.

The book I’ve got says to  run with the does for a month so he can ‘attend’ to each of them as they come into their  respective heats. So, Buddy will stay with us another few days and then he should have done what he came to do.

It seems he arrived just in time for Sundown’s heat at the beginning of the month. I know this because the minute he entered the paddock he went straight to her and started flirting, and within minutes she had accepted him.

In fact, she did more than just accept him–she got downright possessive! In no uncertain terms, she let Shiraz know that Buddy was hers! Yes, you could say  that, this month, I’ve learned what’s goat for “Back off b–tch, he’s mine!”

It is the only time she’s acted like a bossy bitch and stood up to Shiraz–the top ranking doe. I got a real kick out of seeing her assert herself successfully for a couple of days!

Fatty-Fat interested in becomming a mama.

Fatty-Fat interested in becoming a mama.

Goat version of flirting is, to say the least, a bit off-putting from a human perspective (think the bad trucker in Thelma and Louise and you’ll have an idea). Each morning when I enter the paddock to feed them all, Buddy does his best ‘bad trucker’ routine for me, replete with the peremptory splash of ‘cologne’ (peeing on his beard, face and tongue!).

Buddy doing his best 'come hither' routine.

Buddy doing his best 'come hither' routine.

So now I am committed. If they are in fact pregnant, then I’ve got 5 months to come to terms with the fact that I’m going to ‘eat goat’ this year and work up the nerve to kill and butcher them. I’m hoping it will be after hunting season and I’ll at least have one deer under my belt before doing in the kids. I haven’t told Gordon yet, but I am considering doing him in instead of the kids…we’ll see.

Goats milling about in paddock.

Goats milling about in paddock.



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20 responses to “Breeding a go-go

  1. MMP

    I thought you were in some remote snow covered valley far north of the Frozen North? Where’s all the snow in those picts?

  2. Jo

    Having met my first pygmy goats the other day, I’m now very taken with the idea of a couple of does (not yet – we’re talking the unlikely event of me owning my own farm / land) so no wimping out – I’ll be following the girls’ and kids’ progress with much interest!

    Buddy looks like a cool dude!

  3. Mitch

    Hi Me again, I need some desperate help… in that I need some advice on butchering chickens. I’ve read your Turkey Post and I think I’m going to be ok but what I want to know is how to kill them… Should I cut, break, cut off their necks?

    Great Goats TOO there so small !!!!

  4. Hi Mitch,

    I used to cut their heads right off in one fell swoop of the axe when I didn’t know how to find their jugular. If you are unsure, then I would recommend cutting their heads right off quickly, that way you know that you have dispatched them for sure and they are not suffering unnecessarily. But, if you can locate their jugular, then it is the preferred method. It does take some practice.

    Is there someone around you that knows this method who can help you the first few times? (Friend, neighbour, local farmer, or butcher?)

    Good luck,


  5. EJ

    Why did you choose pygmy goats?

  6. Mitch


    thanks for that info i think i will just cut off there head it will be easier for me.

    So thankyou
    Yes we know of a man who is a butcher so he could help me hopefully

    Thanks a heap once again HDR

  7. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Crikey, those five months will fly by!

    We’ve got twelve kids so far, all born during the last week – I’ll try to get some photos posted up later. Apologies in case I don’t but as you can imagine I’m a wee bit busy….!

  8. We had that thaw too – darn near like Spring end of last week in N New York. Took away about two feet of accumulation … although three remained. I do love coming here to look at and read about your goats. Awesome post. (PS – It’s City Mouse … I’m changing blogs. Oh yeah, and changing my entire life too.)

    • Hey CM, good to hear from you! I’ll have to catch up on your new life… I hope the changes are all planned and welcome! So, is Small Pines the ultimate answer to ‘the name game’?

      EJ–I hesitate to tell you lest it spoil the book!

      Jo–or should I just call you Sunshine so as to distinguish you from Little FFarm!–the pygmies are cute eh!

      LIttle FFarm Jo–I look forward to seeing your pics, in fact, I often go to your pages and just take peeks at the gals! I won’t hold it against you if you’re tardy in getting them up. BTW, I haven’t forgotten about the idea of getting one of your aprons…just on the backburner at the mo.

  9. If I have edited my profile properly, the confusions that are only natural when you are lucky enough to have the best name should be over…

  10. Mitch

    Hey HDR

    Just a Question Do you usualy have to assist your Goats when it time for then to give birth?
    Just wondering as our neighbours goats are due in around a week
    We having some extreme winds now with rain and its actualy blew a tree on the back of our house
    and our shed is practicaly gone at the moment so im hoping that i dont loose anymore chickens as one died the other day because of winds


  11. Hurrah, it worked.

    And yes, the pygmies are indeed cute. Too cute. It’s only the fact that they’d have to shack up with the pigs that’s currently stopping me searching for local breeders. I’ve even come up with ideas for their names…

    • Mitch–you’re just not having the luck this year! I’m planning to let the goats do their thing. I learned from the Aussie and Kiwi sheepherds to let the animals be and presume there won’t be any trouble. They told me they used to assist and spend all sorts of time ‘working’ around lambing time but then realized through experience not to assist unless there is a real problem.

      Jo–I didn’t really need the clarification, I just kinda liked the thought of calling you Sunshine! And, FYI, Fatty-Fat and Shiraz lived for several years with pigs before they came to my farm. The farmer just fed them what the pigs ate apparently (probably why they were so fat!). But, it can be done I guess if you’re heart is set on it.

  12. Mitch

    Thanks HDR

    We Took our ewe to the ramshouse today so fingers crossed she will get pregnant,
    And yes this year has not been at its best


  13. Mohammad Mohseni

    Do you know shiraz is the name of my city in iran?
    almost allthing made in shiraz in history
    you can find it by name of shiraz
    my city was capital of the ancient world in 3000 year age

    • Hello Mohammad,

      I did not know about your city called Shiraz! I will have to look up your city and learn more about it (apparently it is the city of Poets, Wines, and Flowers–sounds wonderful). It is a beautiful sounding name. It is also the name of a grape for wine making in Australia.

      Thank-you for letting me know!

  14. Mohammad Mohseni

    Dear Kristeva
    Shiraz Wine is famous but Shiraz people didn’t used since 1400 years ago. People of Shiraz are Muslim but we have some Jewish and christian in our city
    Wine is a metaphor in poem
    if you want to understand more about Shiraz poem you can read Guteh poem and his book about east
    I invite you to see my city and PERSPOLISE
    I hope to see you in my city specially in spring!
    all the best

    • Dear Mohammad,

      I imagine that Shiraz is where the grape of the same name came from, do you know? The Christians and Jewish people must still drink the wine, no? Or have the Muslims outlawed the making of it? I will look up the Guteh poem (is it Guteh Kalat?). Do you know the name of his book? I would love to come and see your city but I would need someone to look after my animals!

      kind regards,


      • Mohammad Mohseni

        Dear my friend
        If you read history of my region ,you can find name of perspolice,in this civilization we save jewish from babylon,you can find it!and the name of this king is saint for them
        wine was part of everyone right that Akkadian gave to thier people with meat and wheat
        if you read modern Nichet book you can find ancient name of persian prophet xaratosht(you can find this name with different spell )
        nichet had a book with name xaratosh say this(i don’t know what’s exact translation of this name in english),you can find the name of Hafiz (poem writer) in East book of Guteh
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        I don’t about jewish ate it is depend of their branch relegious law
        but non religious people can drink it so easy
        and in islamic law anyone can’t say nothing to other relegious part of our society like jewish or christian
        western didn’t know in quran all faith from named islam (specially christian and jewish) we have different law for christian and jewish
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        I invite you to see my city
        all the best
        Mohammad Mohseni

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