Writing at Not Dabbling in Normal

I have been reading the Not Dabbling in Normal blog for several months and am continually impressed by the depth of knowledge revealed, and inspired by the community of like-minded people that this blog provides us with access to–via the ether! So, I am both excited and flattered by the invitation to participate as a regular contributor.

One of the best things about that blog is that it is run by like-minded folks who have tonnes of information for the struggling upstarts like myself. I have found them to be more than happy to answer questions when I have needed answers. I have felt both humbled by the depth of experience these folks have and inspired by the supportive encouragement they have afforded me. When you live as remotely as I do, this kind of ether-community is like a warm safe place to land and draw sustenance from.

Note, you can visit them via the above link on their name or I have also put them in my blog roll.



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2 responses to “Writing at Not Dabbling in Normal

  1. Awesome. Thanks for posting this – Have to head off to make some money, but I’ll head straight there this evening. Sounds really neat. Congrats!

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