What I’m doing today!

I was hoping to be writing up a post about the fruit tree grafting workshop I attended on the weekend, but instead I’m going to be attempting to take apart my Mac computer in the hopes of ejecting the stuck DVD that is preventing my computer from starting up! Ugh. I’m not even going to attempt to do a post on this. If you are interested in viewing a good video on the topic and get an idea of how I’m spending my day, check this site out:


Will let you know how I do, wish me luck! Believe me, I will need it to get through this.



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5 responses to “What I’m doing today!

  1. MMP

    I apologize if this advice is far beneath your technical prowess, but if it isn’t it may save a lot of hardache.

    Most DVD / CD drives have a hole about the diameter of a paper clip. It is a manual eject for the drive. Push a straightened paper clip or similar inch long rod in there and it may release the drive door.

    Good luck.

    I think I will blog about my own laptop disassembly adventure in a show compatriotism.

  2. I feel for you. It’s the sorrow of being a Mac person – They don’t often break down, but when they do, it’s a whopper. (Coming atcha from my Mac!)

  3. Ugh! That does NOT sound like fun. Good luck!

  4. In fairness think of all the time you’ve not lost reinstalling windows every few weeks!!

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