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The Cornish Crosses first days

Newly arrived Cornish Crosses having their first feeding.

Newly arrived Cornish Crosses having their first feeding.

Now that the Cornish Crosses are safely nestled in the nursery, it is once again time for poopy bum patrol. It seems that these little creatures have a much higher rate of poopy-bum than the other chicks I’ve raised. I don’t know if that is typical for the breed or because they were highly stressed having not made it here straight away as they should have. And, there is the possibility that the feed store fed them medicated starter while under their care even though I’d already had them vaccinated. At any rate, I have had to do daily patrols and cleanings for several days now and with about 40% of the chicks.

The key thing about these birds that all the literature warns about is the rapid growth. Many advise restricting their food intake in order to keep them from going ‘off their legs’. I’m not quite sure how you restrict these little guys’ food exactly and worry that I’d be starving them so I’m going to try another route to solving this problem.

As with all my baby chicks, I will take them fresh greens as a daily supplement. Not only does this help with the poopy-bums but I’m hoping it will also slow their growth rate down a bit. I was worried that these little guys might not like the greens and at first it looked like they might not eat it. Of course, it only takes a few of the brave to take an interest to get the whole flock jockeying for position around the plate. I’ll employ the ol’ Weight Watchers rule of fill up on vegetables and see if it works–here’s hoping it is a universal principle!


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