Special features

Conversation with the writer/director of ‘With a Little Help From My Friends’

My ‘David Suzuki Digs My Garden’ audition video is–hallelujah–in the can. I would like to thank my cast and crew who worked tirelessly to get this done: David, Nick, Pavarotti, Elvis, Tui, Gordon, Malcolm, Fatty-Fat, Shiraz, Sundown, Coco, The Girls, and Martha. If I have missed anyone just tell me at next feeding time and I’ll add you to the list. Most of all I’d like to thank my ‘Best Boy’, Ahmed, who ransacked Vancouver in order that my production values were top notch, and my ‘Sound Engineer’, Buddy Thatcher. Thankfully, I saved on money by doing the location scouting, casting, catering, writing and directing myself, and the fact that the actors were willing to work for not quite peanuts–but close–helped keep us within budget. It was a very happy set except whenever I mentioned the word pesticide.

Although this was my first feature film, I found the whole experience so creatively stimulating, that I’m thinking of expanding into more short films to document my life and work here. I have spent this past year writing words and am now intrigued to write scripts and story-boards for this visual medium.


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9 responses to “Special features

  1. Ryan T.

    Wow! you don’t waste any time – Congrats, and well done!!

  2. I love this! This is why I want to move to Canada (presently living in Germany, but am Canadian)…

    Where did you actually submit this? (Please tell me you did submit it somewhere?)

    Presently I am quite taken with A low impact Woodhouse and am dreaming up a nice hilly area in Ontario to build such a beautiful home, practice perma-culture and sustain our 7 headed family from our working off the land…

    Dream big, start small. Thanks for your post and the video!

  3. Mitch


    Thats is A very Good Short Film It Is made so well
    I Do Hope you make more As It Is interesting To See All aorund your farm And What your Life is Like comapred to mine

    Good Luck in the future


  4. YP

    Nice. šŸ™‚

  5. M

    Fabulous and oh so witty. You rock!

  6. Nice work – loved your video!

  7. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Oh wow, that’s great!

    Really evocative sense of place with lovely humour & great use of the camera. DS would be crazy not to use this – especially with such a star-studded cast!

    Wonderful stuff, K – please please please, do some more.

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