Naming the kids

All in the family.

All in the family.

A few friends and followers have suggested I do a post to find the names for Fatty’s kids. I don’t normally do this. Usually I wait until a name blurts out of my mouth while I’m talking about them or addressing them in person. But, this sounds like fun! The only stipulation is the name has to start with F, that way, I’ll know who is Fatty’s progeny.

There have been a few suggestions already:

Buck names:

Fred Astaire

Franky (I like this one cuz I like Frank McCourt and the Irish accented way of saying it is charming!)



Doe names:





We’re open to suggestions! The little buck is a happy little squirt already bouncing around the barn performing a one man rodeo. The little doe is much quieter and very girlie-girl. She really needs a pretty-girl name. We’ll likely make a decision in the next few days so please come forth with other ideas or place a vote for one of the above names.

Little girl doe.

Little girl doe.

Little boy buck.

Little boy buck.



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10 responses to “Naming the kids

  1. kim1708

    I see you’ve put Fred Astaire up. Good thing his name started with an F! Because Red Astaire just would not work in this case :). And for short, just call him Freddy. Freddy, Felicity and Fatty Fat roll off the tongue, so I like those names for the kids. Cant wait to see what the other people like, and what their names will be. Fatty Fat’s kids sure are cute, and look to be doing great!

    • Yep, I kinda like Felicity too; very girlie-girl. But then Fatty-fat and Fatima is starting to grow on me (even though Fatima is not a name I would have ever chosen or thought of!).

      • Tony Knight (Lovespoon)

        Re: Advice from LittleFfarmDairy.

        HDR congratulations on the successful birth of the triplets! And yes- they do have exceedingly loud bleats don’t they!
        I know Jo has been in touch with you ref the births etc, just thought I would add a (small) comment:
        when it comes to the kids feeding, we have found that they tend to favour one side only. In order to reduce the risk of mastitis, I would recommend that you hand milk her on the side thay are not drinking from, if this happens.
        I am sure if you speak/email Jo she will advise on what bag of tricks we have in our first aid kit for goats!
        Enjoy the kids- they are absolutely captivating. We have learnt so much from watching them grow up- especially the ones who have shared the Farmhouse with us.

  2. kim1708

    BTW, I thought you were going to say: The little buck is a happy little squirt already bouncing around the barn performing a one man dance.

    Instead of “The little buck is a happy little squirt already bouncing around the barn performing a one man rodeo.”

    Either way, it’s cute though, lol.

  3. It might be historically propitious timing to name them Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Who knows. With names like that, Congress may just step in and save your farm someday.

  4. Spotter of Yellow Legs

    Frankie and Fiona… if you are going celtish
    Feedme and Fillus…
    Frisby and Feebee
    Frick and Frack
    Flox and Feather
    Farmboy and Flicker
    Frankly and Filosophy

  5. I like Fanny-Mae and Frankie!

  6. I like Fred Astaire (freddy) and Felicity. I also like Fat-ima, after Fatty-Fat. Oh, and I like Spotter of Yellow Legs’ Filosophy! So fun, I love name games 😉

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