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2009 Mentor Awards

To all my goaty friends and mentors:

2009 Goat Husbandry Mentoring Medal

2009 Goat Husbandry Mentoring Medal

I want to thank everyone for the suggestions, advice, and general ‘peel me off the ceiling’ words of comfort about my goat birthing this past week: Matron of Husbandry, MMP, Phelan, and Tony (Little Ffarm).

When you live as far from a Vet as I do, it is very unnerving to be dealing with something you have no experience in. Your words and life experience was ever so supportive and I am forever grateful for finding you all out there in the ether. As many of you will know (and suggested!), I need not have worried.

Special mention must go to Jo at Little Ffarm Dairy who answered semi-panicked emails swiftly¬† (though given our time difference, I don’t know how she managed this!) and comprehensively. In addition to this, she went the extra-mile(s)! and got a call into a goat expert who relayed much needed advice, most of which was quite simply an emphatic ‘Don’t worry!’

All of your concern, interest, and support was very welcome and much needed. Thanks to knowing all of you I feel that I am in very good company.

Warm wishes,



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