A visit to Bella Coola

For any of you interested in seeing a little of our area of the world, take a look at this fellow’s video clip. Apparently, he was a nursing student who recently did a stint here at our local hospital (which is featured in the video) who was enamoured with the Bella Coola Valley.

The opening two still shots are of the town. The first is overlooking the whole village, and the second is from the road to the wharf looking back at town. The blue building is the hospital. The he moves to the drive in and the next few still shots are from the Chilcotin, or what us locals call ‘up top’. From the second shot with his truck and red kayak on the roof and the vista in the background which is the valley below (he is on ‘the hill’ at that point and on his way down into the valley), the rest of the photos are from the valley floor. The the wide waterfall with the beautifully sculpted rocks is actually our source of power. The final shot is of the Native side of the village.

It’s a fun little video (thanks Carl!). I hope you’ll see why I became enamoured with the place too, enjoy!


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4 responses to “A visit to Bella Coola

  1. What a great li’l video!!! Thanks for sharing it…Patty

  2. Holy Magoley!

    Do you ever live in a beautiful region! We live in the Northern Idaho Panhandle, so now I guess I need to plan a camping trip up your way, hopefully next spring.

    Really like your site, in fact I have it listed in my own site’s blog roll. Please have a visit and be sure to check out the forums. We’re trying to get folks active in them and really get things going.



    • Yes, we do live in a beautiful location; quite spectacular actually. It is the thing that keeps me here. I’ve traveled to many places in search of something equivalent, but came up empty handed. It doesn’t come without its strife though: long winters, heavy rains, few of the ‘normal’ social services (like an OR in the Hospital) or a Vet, and the predators get tiring at times! But, I just can’t stop gazing at the mountains.

      Do let us know if you decide to head on up!



      PS. Will definitely check out your site more thoroughly soon (it looks very interesting on quick perusal).

  3. EJ

    Mountains and ocean! with clean air and water. A beautiful place indeed.

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