The kids have names

Fanny-Mae and Franky

With several good contenders for names, we finally decided upon Frankie and Fanny-Mae for Fatty-Fat’s two kids. While Fanny-Mae and Freddy-Mac cracked me up and Fred Astaire was clearly a contender in his black and white’s, Freddy just didn’t suit the little guy. Finally, although I was partial to Fatima for the girl goat, the suggestion of Fanny-Mae just fit her perfectly.

Meet Little Fanny-Mae.

Meet Little Fanny-Mae; my poster girl.

Meet Frankie.

Meet Frankie.

Help with names for Shiraz’s kids

As for Shiraz’s, we are hunting for names for her 3 boys that would be in keeping with hers. Some contenders are Sinbad, Soltan, and Surak. We are open to suggestions. The only stipulation is they have to start with S and have an Arabic flavour to them in sound or actual meaning. For example, Surak and Shiraz are both cities in Iraq.

Fanny-Mae and Frankie playing in the sun.

Fanny-Mae and Frankie playing in the sun.


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7 responses to “The kids have names

  1. Tony Knight (Lovespoon)

    HDR ref names For Shiraz’ male kids- what about Salam ?(i) When we first got our pigs we were told not to name them as we would become too attached to slaughter them……but eeny meeny miny and mo as names did suggest they would be picked for a special occasion!

  2. Mae

    LOVE the pictures of Fatty’s kids! You can totally tell which kid is the buck kid, and which kid is the doe kid, in the last picture, just by looking at their faces and the expression on their faces! Fanny-Mae’s is sweet and girlish and Frankie’s is serious and buckish!

    By the way, did Shiraz have girls or boys?

    • They are all boys! As for Fatty’s two, you are spot on about being able to tell by the faces. Fanny-Mae is sweet and takes things in stride, just like her mama. He’s much more rambunctious but still very sweet. He tends to come running up to me when I enter the paddock.

  3. kim1708

    I like Sinbad, Sultan, and Sheikh.

  4. kim1708

    I also like Sumantra, it’s Indian, but it means “good advice”… could be befitting to the buck kid that you give that name to.

  5. Sad()da means lucky

    Sad()dam well not so lucky maybe, but it’ll raise a smile.

    PS love your movie idea
    PPS () = glottal stop

  6. I like Kim1708’s Sultan and Shiekh. Shirvan is a city in Iran, and has a similar sound to Shiraz…and that is all I’ve got. ๐Ÿ™‚ Glad to see Fannie Mae and Franky are doing so well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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