Low-carb chocolate cake

Low Carb Eating:

This low carb chocolate cake will fool people. It is very decadent with an almost fudge-like texture.

This low carb chocolate cake will fool people. It is very decadent with an almost fudge-like texture.

Over the past few years, I’ve begun to lean towards a lower carb diet. For one thing, I’ve managed to gain a shocking amount of weight, largely thanks to too much healthy home grown food coupled with a penchant for cooking! One of the things that really helps me take off the excess relatively painlessly is cutting out the starchy carbs: breads, potatoes, white flour, rice, pasta, and sugary food. In general, I find it quite painless to do right up to the part where I find chocolate in that ‘give it up’ category–I simply cannot do it. So, I search for recipes that either are low in carbs that include chocolate, or adapt my favourites accordingly. This recipe was already relatively low in carbs because it called for only 1 heaping tablespoon of flour. In order to make it even less carb laden, I substitute the sugar for Nutra-sweet and replace the wheat flour for soy-flour. Viola, I turn a nearly 200 gram cake into a 115.5 gram cake. So, each slice is lowered from 20 grams to 11.5 (considering 10 slices per cake). If you are opposed to using ‘fake sugar’ and more concerned with using natural ingredients, then this cake is still a relatively low in carb dessert thanks to the miniscule amount of flour used.

Note: this cake is best made a day ahead

1. Ingredients:

  • 1/2 cup  minus 1 Tbsp butter
  • 7 oz dark chocolate
  • 1 C sugar (or sugar substitute)
  • 4 eggs
  • One rounded tablespoon of flour (I use soy-flour to make it even lower in carbs)
  • 1tsp vanilla (I have also used Kahlua, Amaretto, and Frangelico for a variance on the flavours)

2. Directions:

  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180°C (350°F).
  2. Line an 8-inch round cake pan with parchment paper (no need to if you’re using a non-stick pan).
  3. Melt together the butter with the chocolate (in a double-boiler or in the microwave slowly and for just a few seconds at a time).
  4. Transfer into a medium mixing-bowl. Add in the sugar, stir with a wooden spoon and let cool a little.
  5. Add in the eggs one by one, mixing well after each addition.
  6. Finally, add in the flour and mix well.
  7. Pour the dough into the pan, and put into the oven to bake for 30 minutes. Turn the oven off but leave the cake inside for another ten minutes, then put the pan on a cooling rack on the counter to cool completely. Cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate, and take it out about an hour before serving.
  8. Fantastic with a dollop of fresh whipped cream on the side–its carb free!


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9 responses to “Low-carb chocolate cake

  1. Mitch

    This looks delicious thanks for showing us

    I think i might try it tommorow morning


  2. Sounds so divine, I really shouldn’t read stuff like this early in the morning…and that picture.

  3. I might try this – I love chocolate!

    Check out this link about coconut oil. I feel much better after taking coconut oil, although I still put it in my coffee instead of drinking it in water, I can’t give up every vice… right?


  4. LittleFfarm Dairy

    Ooerr, you really wouldn’t be happy with our ‘Gelati Cioccolati’, then….! Three serious, fundamental, chocolate ‘hits’…..

    First we have Rich Chocolate (our foundation Cacao flavour, which is literally sheer hell to make): fresh goats’ milk & cream is carefully combined with just the right balance of golden Welsh free-range egg yolk & a snow of British sugar, into which we slowly melt pure poudre cacao. It makes the most deliciously dense, velvet-smooth chocolate gelato….& we also make a beautiful Chocolate & Orange (deepest, darkest chocolate suffused with the sweet, citrussy tang of Valencia Orange Oil), which many have exclaimed is reminiscent of what has to be my personal favourite chocolate, Green & Black’s “Maya Gold”: & there’s also Mint Chocolate (again, gorgeously dark chocolate, carefully infused with the cleanest, purest breath of fresh Peppermint Oil. Yummy!

    Why-oh-why are the majority of Mint-Choc-Chip ice creams, a lurid, fluorescent green in colour?? If you served After Dinner Mints which were of alien-invasion-green hue at a dinner party, your guests would be bolting for the door. So why serve it to them, as an ice cream…?! Oh purrlease. I like my Mint Chocolate ice cream to be dark chocolate in colour, drifting with delicious scents of fresh, natural mint (another of my ‘bugbears’ about most ice cream: the mint tastes horrible, sickly-sharp, because it isn’t mint; it’s an artificial flavouring. Eugh).

    Oh yes & I also do ‘play’ occasionally with the chocolates: during the autumn/winter I occasionally rustle up a lovely, warming, Chocolate & Ginger Gelato, made with a combination of fresh & preserved stem ginger; & for St David’s Day there is of course, the positively addictive ‘Dragonfire’: dark chocolate with ancho & chipotle chillies; creating a subtle, sultry, smoky heat which is curiously cold & hot, simultaneously. I don’t normally like hot, spicy foods at all; & originally created this variety for a chilli-loving friend; but I must say it is pretty darn good. Oh yes & there’s also ‘Port in a Storm’: chocolate glugged-up with a goodly slosh of vintage ruby port – verrrry moreish.

    As Gelato is lower in fat & sugar than ice cream, it would be heavenly if married with your chocolate cake – after all who could resisit such an ‘innocent’ double dose of chocolate, all in one go….? But I must say that cake does look gorgeous with the fresh cherries: almost a modern twist to that old classic, Black Forest Gateau? Cor, I’m going to have to try making this one as soon as I get a spare few moments (I know Tony wouldn’t say no!)….

    And you’ve just given me a new flavour idea – Dark Chocolate Kirsch; marinating fresh-pitted black cherries in brandy, & then swirling them into our unctuous fresh chocolate freeze-churn & decorating the top with dark chocolate shavings…..I’ll let you know how it turns out (if only I could send you some!).

    • I would SO partake in your gelato! Especially since I’ve ‘saved’ some carbs by lowering the cake content; that means I can have an extra scoop, no miss out! I am a purist so would be all over the plain old chocolate. But, I’m also a chipotle nut and often make chipotle brownies and hot chipotle chocolate drink. My husband is your orange and chocolate fan.

      As for your new idea of marinating the cherries in Brandy… have you thought of trying Amarreto or Frangelico? There was an Italian restaurant I used to frequent when I lived in Prince George that had a divine strawberry gelato which they served with an ounce of vodka. I always asked them to substitute the vodka for Amaretto. It was a superb combination. And, now when I make cherry pies, I always add a tipple of Amaretto or Frangelico and people never know what it is, but they always love it (there I am giving away my trade secrets!).

      And, finally, for us Canadians, you’ll have to design a chocolate and peanut butter ice cream. Or even just a peanut butter one. The best ice cream over here is Hagen Dazs. They used to make a peanut butter ice cream which was to die for. Sadly, I only discovered it just before they stopped making it! Now, I buy their vanilla and blend it in a food processor at home to simulate the idea. It is pretty good, but not quite the way it was when they made it.



  5. LittleFfarm Dairy

    I’ll have to have a go with the Amaretto….!

    And chocolate peanut butter, yummm….not sure I’d be allowed to do it at our current premises though, as it contains nuts; although ours is not technically a nut-free environment I’m sure the Food Centre wouldn’t be happy. However if it was ‘last batch of the day’ it shouldn’t be a problem; & we have experimented with Gianduia, before…..& admittedly I DO adore Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups….

  6. Yo HDR –

    you’ll love this….!! At last, I had a chance to experiment with your recipe. I infused our dark chocolate gelato with Amaretto & then layered it with a homemade cherry coulis. We call it Black Forest (for several reasons: it’s reminiscent of the cake; the woodland on the far side of the valley is called the ‘Allt Ddu’ or the ‘Black Wood’; & of course your place is surrounded by forest).

    We ‘road tested’ it this weekend, at the Narberth Food Festival, a veritable Mecca for Welsh foodies as it’s packed with the finest local & artisan produce available. And people LOVED it!

    To the extent that you even got a mention on Radio Pembrokeshire, as DJ Ben Stone (who is a big fan of ours – as we are of him!) took one mouthful & couldn’t stop chuckling with delight…
    “this is amazing – how do you do it?!” he asked. “You just come up with such incredible flavours.” I told him that it was all thanks to our great friend all those miles away at Howling Duck Ranch, & he said “Dammit, I know I only interviewed you a couple of weeks ago, but this is such a fantastic story – let’s chat!”. The interview was broadcast a couple of days ago; so there you go – another several thousand people now know about you guys in Canada.

    I only wish I could send you some of the Black Forest. It is without doubt one of the best flavours we’ve crafted; & we are already being asked for it as an addition to our Festive Season menu. Admittedly it was darn hard work as pitting the cherries took ages; but well worth it for such a delicious result.

    And – equally determined not to let you down – I’ve sourced some additive-free peanut butter; so next time I do a cacao batch will make up a batch of Howling Duck Special. Just wish you weren’t so far away, so you could sample your success! One question, though – do you mix in the peanut butter from the outset or is the chocolate ice cream simply layered with it? I assume the latter; as that way you get more of a ‘Reeses’-type flavour/texture combination……yummm.

    Anyway I’ll write a post as soon as I get another spare five minutes; I took some photos of the BF gelato so at least you can get the idea of how luscious it is, in pictures. Not the same though, I know….

    • Hey Little FFarm!

      Sorry I’ve taken so long to reply to this but I’ve been away on the road for nearly a month. You are right, I do love that you mentioned my blog all the way from over there yonder! As per your usual creative flair, this sounds sinfully delicious and has me foaming at the mouth just thinking about the flavours. As for the peanut butter and chocolate combo, I would make peanut butter ice cream and put chunks of chocolate in it rather than the other way round. For one, if you have a natural peanut butter, unless you premix it with a lot of sugar, it will be too much a ‘natural’ (vis-a-vis sugarless) shock up against the chocolate. But, your idea of layering the two ice creams could certainly solve this. I really think we need to figure out how to get it here or me there to be the taste tester!

      Let me know what your solution/outcome is, in photos please!



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