A question of merit

I’ve been thinking about the layout and usefulness of some aspects of the blog. Some things of course we cannot change. Or, in my case, am not computer savvy enough TO change! Then again, there are things that are in our control; or at least WordPress has been generous enough to provide us with the illusion of control. For instance, I have kept the category cloud in place because I think it might help viewers/readers find things they are interested in. However, some have said it makes the page look crowded and/or complicated.

I would love to hear from you, dear readers, if the category cloud should stay or go? Does anyone actually use it? Please comment on this, I need your feedback.

thank-you in advance,




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7 responses to “A question of merit

  1. I actually like the category cloud and have used it numerous times on various WordPress blogs. I find the use of key words to find information to be very helpful and easy to use, not at all complicated or crowded. I’ll tell you what I really like is your large comment box. Truly, your blog looks great as is.

  2. I agree with Mike l like the layout. I would rather a lot of useful info than loads of adverts.
    As a comment from the other post look at getting a trackerball. You can get them from amazon so much easier. If l get a tired finger l can use a different one to do the work.

  3. I like the use of categories whether they are the cloud version or just a list. I often use them to track down topics. And I love your blog.


  4. On the blogs I read, I regularly use the category/tag lists/clouds and the recent comments widgets and often peruse the most popular posts.

  5. I don’t really consult the cat cloud, since I generally read via RSS, and anyway it’s so far down the page that I don’t see it.

  6. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Since 4/5 said ‘keep it’ I will leave it up until otherwise convinced.



  7. One more opinion? I don’t use it to be honest, but have no issue with it and kinda like them in general.

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