New Chum Awards!

A male chum salmon ready to spawn here in Bella Coola.

A male chum salmon ready to spawn here in Bella Coola.

This blogging world has provided me with a creative outlet; without it, my life would be less rich. I began the blog with a view to helping me get down on ‘paper’ some of my ideas and stories that come from living this sort of subsistence lifestyle. What I didn’t count on or foresee was that it would also open up a rich environment for making friends and developing community.

Every now and then some of you stand out for various reasons: your generosity and ether support, your willingness to share your experiences and fears, or simply your being there since the beginning, or near beginning! All of your personalities have jumped out at me through the ether (or in Mike’s case here on the ground!), and caught my attention and affection. So here are my new ‘Chum’ awards:

Suburban Bushwacker – for our many discussions, and most of all for not letting pink threaten your macho image.

Phelan of A Homesteading Neophyte – for your kinship in the ‘freaking out first time’ kidding experience, and for sharing your delicious goat meat recipes.

Small Pines – for your sense of humour, great writing style, being a fine example of a ‘who-dunnit’ conversion from dreamer to dream actualizer, and most of all for enquiring if I was OK after a spell of down-time.

MMP of The Art of Proprietation – for your fine blog, for the kidding support, and for helping me not to ‘freak out’.

Tony – of Little Ffarm Dairy – for ‘lurking’ quietly until you were needed!

Fred – of Blackfarms– for the great conversations, for sharing your many thoughtful suggestions and brainstorming methods.

Michael Wigle of Jumping Mouse Productions – for your inspirational photography, for being flexible and open to trade,  for understanding what ‘real food’ is, and for being a friend who is here ‘live and in color’.

Thank-you to everyone who reads this blog and participates through sharing comments, questions, advice, and personalities. You help make my remote existence less lonely, and thus easier to maintain.




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4 responses to “New Chum Awards!

  1. I’m honored
    Big fan of what you’re writing too

  2. kim1708

    subsistance? no, that’s not the right terminology. I think you mean self reliant. Your blog reveals the richness of your lifestyle, your environment,!

    Ok, I looked up the meaning of the word at
    How can one word have such diverse meanings?

    sub·sis·tence (səb-sĭs’təns)

    1. The act or state of subsisting.
    2. A means of subsisting, especially means barely sufficient to maintain life.
    3. Something that has real or substantial existence.
    4. Christianity Hypostasis.

    Huh! well I completely disagree with meaning number 2 and completely agree with meaning number 3.
    So I learned something crazy today, thank you. =)

  3. MMP

    I appreciate the mention.

  4. Thanks for the Award!

    Back to lurking until I am needed again.


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