Happy birthday to me

It’s true. Today is my birthday. How did I celebrate? By castrating my goats of course! The Post will come in due course. Right now I’ve got to get out of my blood splattered jeans (from yesterday’s butchering not today’s bloodless castration) and get ready to greet my dinner guests! What I’d really like is a bowl full of Little Ffarm Dairy’s goat milk gelato! This is what she ‘made’ for me last year. If only the virtual world could extend to tastings; so close and yet so far.




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11 responses to “Happy birthday to me

  1. Happy birthday Kristeva! And many more.

  2. Happy birthday, 21 again i trust

  3. Robin

    Happy Birthday!

  4. Kim

    Happy Birthday. Your last post was great. My husband does all our butchering. I’m the packager 😉 We’ve yet to try goat. Keep saying I’ll pick some up.

  5. Mitch

    Hey Kris its been such a long time You hadnt posted in a few weeks and i was worried. I hope You Have a Great Birthday and many many more to come All the best


  6. Oz Knecht

    I guess a happy belated b-day would be in order.
    I don’t know your name but I meet you at the Laughing Loon on oct 4th. You were eating dinner and I said we were on our way to fish the bella coola. You gave us directions to the ranch, really easy to find. WE were going to buy some eggs from you but the sign said sold out, regulars to come in the gate and get their own. So we missed out this time. Already made deposit for return trip next year, Hope to see you then,


    • Yes, you paid me that lovely compliment. Oh, that’s too bad you read the sign. You should have just come in and said hello! I wondered what happened to you and why you didn’t come by. I hope your fishing trip was fruitful, was it? Do drop in and say hello next time you’re in town. I’m presently on a moose hunt; I only fish in good weather!



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