Gone hunting

For Moose:

Fresh moose tracks in snow.

Fresh moose tracks in snow.

Hunting season is upon us once again and this year I was lucky enough to get a moose tag. Unlike other game animals (where you simply go to the store and buy a tag for them), moose are a ‘limited entry hunt’ (LEH) animal. In other words, you have to apply for an LEH tag in the spring and hope that your name gets drawn which allows you to buy a tag and hunt.

This year, I was lucky enough to get such a draw; my first ever. So, this morning I’m off to find me a moose. It is the early draw so I’m hoping  there will be some snow on the ground. It is not often that I hope for snow, however without snow on the ground locating and tracking a moose is much more difficult.

Here’s hoping it has snowed ‘up top’ and I’ll be looking for a moose making tracks in it!

Bull moose droppings; flat on one end.

Bull moose droppings are flat on one end. These are from a baby bull hence the small size.


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5 responses to “Gone hunting

  1. Funder

    Fingers crossed for a clean kill!

  2. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how it goes. My draw season for calves starts Nov 1, so still waiting…

  3. My husband was hunting in the Dease lake area and was lucky enough to get a moose that he shared with his cousin. It’s delicious. Good Luck!

    • My hunting partners were just up in the Dease Lake area as well. They had an extremely successful hunt. Got three moose, a goat, a sheep, and a cariboo between them. Needless to say we’re eating well on the hunt!

  4. I just mentioned this to my husband..he is very jealous, maybe next year.

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