In honor of my hunt

A friend of mine broke his wrist a couple of weeks ago while mountain biking. Having hurdled himself over his handlebars, he’s lucky to not have broken his neck (and is now rethinking his relationship with the sport). In honor of my moose hunt he gave his cast a tattoo. No, it’s not a moose tattoo; apparently they were fresh out of moose cast stencils. (In actual fact, they don’t have them).

It’s been an amazing hunt this year and I’ll get to writing about it soon (who knew the real work started once the moose was on the ground!). I’m heading back up to camp now to continue with the work… We’ll be at it yet for days.

RT's Cast Tattoo

The lengths some will go to in order to support a friend; gotta love friends like this... thanks RT!


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5 responses to “In honor of my hunt

  1. Sounds like you got an animal – look forward to hearing about it!

  2. Cant wait to hear about the hunt?? Neat cast!!

  3. When my husband came home from his hunting trip I think he slept for about 2 weeks. It was tough work and as you said, after the moose is on the ground.

    • Yep, I’m exhausted and I’ve only gotten him off the mountain, gutted, quartered (actually he’s presently in 12 pieces) and bagged. I’ve still got to deal with processing the moose once he gets home!

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