Update: HDR begins anew

It’s been a long time since I began this blog and my journey from city gal to sustainable farmer. While the journey continues it has recently taken a very new turn. Through finally getting bees 6 or so years ago to now being a commercial mead maker. What is mead you ask: It is Ambrosia, The Drink of the Gods, and the oldest alcohol known to mankind. It is honey wine.

To read more about my mead making adventures head to Stolen Harvest Meadery where I now write a blog about mead under the Recipes tab.

Click here to learn more about mead.


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2 responses to “Update: HDR begins anew

  1. James hembree

    Thank you for your blog/process for slaughtering poultry. I grew up on a farm in Georgia but worked in the horticulture industry until my retirement 2 years ago. After retirement and 6 months on the Appalachian trail with my son I was settling into organic farming back on my childhood home place. Then covid-19 hit. I decided that a flock of chickens would be a good way to further my independence and that raising them would be a productive use of our ‘ stay at home’ situation. Not to mention the education my grandchildren received helping raise them from day old to slaughter size. Your suggestion of rendering them unconscious before bleeding out will make the process much less stressful for all. Hope all is well in the north.

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