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She howls no more

Sad news here on Howling Duck Ranch. Our namesake (and farm manager) has been killed. Mrs Mallard got taken by a fox yesterday. She’d gone for a swim on the pond and the blasted fox actually got her in the water. Until now she’d been safe on the pond, but I guess he’d gotten over his reluctance to get wet, or perhaps she’d floated too close to the edge. Right in broad daylight he snapped her up and she went without a sound. By the time I’d figured out what happened, it was all over, and she was gone.

That fox has been prowling around for the past few days, and managed to take a few chickens as well. Sadly, unless I catch him in the act, there is not much we are allowed to do to prevent this sort of thing from happening.  In this respect, it is me who is the sitting duck.

She was such a fixture around here, both visual and aural with her constant, carping, quack-quack-quack, that I don’t even have a decent photo of her to post in honor of her.


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