Howling Duck Homestead Take Two

I’ve  bought land again but this it’s in Northern Alberta! More to come… Be patient while I get back in to the swing of writing in the spare moments that I have outside a full time and a half job and land development. Good things are afoot finally.


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7 responses to “Howling Duck Homestead Take Two

  1. So lookingBforward to following your new adventures. Best of luck and pray no one finds oil or gas under your home.

  2. heather

    Excellent news! I look forward to following your new adventures.

  3. Great, I cant wait for new stories. Keep up with good work.

  4. Pat Perrotta

    Hi Howling Duck Ranch,
    I just wanted to say thank you very much for doing a great job covering a topic of what some may think is abhorrent, yet obviously necessary if you care to consume animal protein to exist on earth. I ran across this web article since I had to go to a function with my son who now lives in a rural area with his mom and had to help field dress a chicken for a high school project about animal raising. Your pic site was very humane and thorough. So I just want to say thanks, you made this Chicagoan city slicker look like he was one experienced farmhand! Have a great, safe year and God Bless!

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