Howling Duck Chili Con Carne

Pasteurizing raw milk

Pea Soup–Howling Duck Ranch’s Own Peas

Making Ricotta cheese

Stoney’s Horseraddish






Spaghetti Sauce

Lavender Jelly

Christmas Baking

Howling Duck Ranch’s Christmasy Chocolate Butter-nut Toffee

Syllabub Fruitcake


Lamb Curry Madras Style from Ebey Farms

Curried Sundown (goat curry)


Mozzarella (Bocconcini) cheese

Goat milk fudge (thanks to Cooperii at Not Dabbling in Normal)

Desserts and Sweets

HDR’s Butternut Pumpkin Cheesecake

HDR’s Pie Pumpkin Cheesecake, with low carb version

HDR’s Butternut Pumpkin Pie

Goat Meat

BBQ Riblets, Texas Gumbo, Teriyaki, Mshikaki (compliments of A Homeseading Neophyte)

HDR’s Slow Roasted Goat Leg

4 responses to “Recipes

  1. Spud Murphey

    Hello Folks, I was just looking around different web site and I came upon yours. Well this is what I am trying to fine out and that is pressure canning wild game or domestic meat, and poultry. I am a widower now and my late wife use to do a lot of canning, so I thought I would give it a try. I have the canner and all the goodies that go with it but I cannot fine where her old recipes have gone. Is there any thing special I should know other than what is contained in the booklet that comes with the canner .I am thinking spices and that sort of thing. or just go with what is in the book that is supplied…….Spud

    • Hi Spud,

      Because canning needs to be precise, I would stick with what the booklets say. Having said that, I tend to fiddle with dry spices and herbs to taste. The issue is with changing proportions of veggies and the like. In that regard, stay with the directions. I have found that the University food departments are good sources of info (google them and find someone to contact). I’ve gotten lots of good answers from various places I’ve contacted.

      Good luck and do pass on any delicious tips!


  2. Thanks, Kristeva, it was fun visiting your site and such helpful information. I have an organic dairy delivering milk to our fresh market and wanted to have a workshop on making cheeses with low temp pasteurized milk.


  3. After reading your section on sourdough, I ordered the culture! I have tried to make a culture but ended up with a big smelly mess. I used to bake our own bread, but I feel so much better when I go easy on the wheat. I look forward to playing both with your culture and with the rye sourdough.

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