Word on the Street!

On Sunday, Sept 25th, I will be in the Author’s tent at the National Book and Magazine Festival, Word On The Street, in Vancouver, BC speaking about Chicken Poop For The Soul! You can find me here.


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3 responses to “Word on the Street!

  1. queen of string

    Sounds ace, will try and make it over there!

  2. Dan Boss

    saw you and talked to you in Kaslo .I told you about the sod greenhouse I built.I also used sod to build curved walls about 5 feet apart two feet high and 16 feet long thery were facing south and the coll night air would flow around them and not freese my crops This was up at 3500 feet and 72 days between snow falls and I grew tomatoes and squash. nIt had the added benifit that the sod which was old pasture had all the weed seeds in it and I had two years of no weeds as well. Still looking for a place to become suatainable Wish there was a site where people with land could look for some one who wants to farm it.

  3. Ocean

    So silly, I just bought raw grass-fed cow’s milk while vacationing in Washington State. It is sooo delicious! Had to buy a jug of it just because I could. Why is RAW milk illegal to sell in Canada? We are so backwards on this issue.


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