Building a Poultry Barn

This year, I wanted to build a purpose built turkey barn. Up until now, I’ve been incubating chickens in my bathroom and raising the turkeys and chicks in the garage. I’m now in a position where I can take back my garage (and raise babies in the nursery part of the new barn)!

Pony wall construction:

Building the pony wall.
Building the pony wall.

The pony wall (above) was important to have for several reasons. I wanted it so that it would help make the building mice proof. It will also allow me to wash the inside of the rooms after each set of chicks are moved out of the nursery, and/or when I want to give the adult bird room a good cleaning.

Barn wall construction:

Walls going up.
Walls going up.
Almost to lock-up stage.
Almost to lock-up stage.

Above top photo: the walls going up. Lower photo above: finishing the walls and putting the roof on. Windows and doors still to come.

Finishing the inside:

Roosting boxes inside new chicken house.
Roosting boxes inside new chicken house.
Nesting boxes and feeder inside new poultry barn.
Nesting boxes and feeder inside new poultry barn.

Above, we have painted the inside of the barn and put trim around the windows and doors. On the left hand side of the barn is the chicken run complete with roosts, nesting boxes and feeder. Still to come is an automatic watering system. I hope to get that in by late fall, before the water-freezing temperatures arrive on the coast.

Finishing the outside:

Almost finished poultry barn.
The almost finished poultry barn.

Above, we have the barn at lock-up, with windows and doors completed. We’ve completed the second coat of green paint, but still have to do the second coat on the doors. Eventually, we will extend the roof-line to cover the cement pad out front for more outside storage space for things like the ride on lawn mower (the original space built in to the ‘Big Red Barn’, which has been taken over by the goats since the cougar incident). Juggling. Who knew farming was really about juggling and jockeying for position and housing space!!??

The still almost finished turkey barn; still some painting and trim to complete.

The still, almost finished turkey barn; still some painting and trim to complete.

17 responses to “Building a Poultry Barn

  1. My God … I could live in that thing…

  2. That was the first thought I had about it too…It’s actually better built than our house!

  3. Mitch

    I Must Say that is wonderfully built how long did it take i wish i could build something that good

    PS> could you please post a update on the chickens i just wanted to know how they were going

  4. Mitch

    Great Barn I love it !!!!

    I wish i could build something that good

    Could you please post on how the chickens are would love to know


  5. Brie Sievert

    Wow, what an amazing poultry house – I’m envious!

  6. boon

    That is a very nice barn, the turkeys will never want to move out. Thanks for a peek into your world.

  7. Sita Then

    Well hiya Kristeva!
    So I got home and thought I’d give your blog a look… really interesting articles, though I think your slaughter pictures are better than mine!
    But wait! I scrolled down and what do I see? The chicken barn in Canada Small Farm that Gavin and I had just been discussing only yesterday! We thought it was great! I did covet your pony walls of concrete as our coop is just a renovated wood building up high on blocks. We were wondering at the wisdom of the skylight windows…. useful or expensive?
    The other little thing we were wondering was WHERE in northern BC this barn was. Now we know. How strange!
    I’ll have to read more of your articles.
    It was great to meet you both.
    Thanks for a lovely evening.

  8. I love this barn……. I am starting a small game bird farm and have been looking for barns. how much did it cost to build? did you do all the work yourself ? where did you find the plans? our did you draw them your self?
    I have so many questions thaks for posting this great barn it gives me all kind of ideas…,…

    • Hello Beth,

      I drafted the plans myself and hired builders to do the work. I made ad hoc changes at the spur of the moment as it was developing and I could see the necessary changes that I wanted which of course drove the builders nuts. They were all good enough to humor me though, bless them!


  9. Ryan Recker

    how big is the barn? I’ve been looking to build one and I really like how this one looks.

  10. Marshmallow

    What does the inside look like now?

  11. marlon

    How much did it cost to build?

  12. This is one insanely good looking poultry barn! 👍🏻

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