The ‘Chum’ Awards

Male chum salmon spawning; long may they spawn!

Male chum salmon spawning; long may they spawn!

October 29th, 2008:

I am pleased to honour those bloggers and commenters who have improved my blog and my life by their generosity and attentiveness. For those who don’t know, ‘chum’ is a species of salmon which fills the Bella Coola River behind my homestead every July-August. Besides this virtual acknowledgment, I offer any Chum awardee ‘Salmon’-chanted evening at my place, if you ever make it to this valley.

To Stoney, for pinging me, inspiring my how-to pages, and contemplating dancing the fandango every hour on the hour.

To Throwback at Trapper Creek, for her inspiration, knowledge, style, photography (thanks also to her daughter), and personal email support.

To Little Farm Dairy for my birthday cake and ice-cream, and for offering the warm gift of friendship through the ether.

To Rebecca Wellman Photography for starting me on this journey and for being my long time friend.

To Clarence, my chosen grandpa.

To Seasons Eating Farm, for your inspirational ‘to do lists’, telling it like it is re: so called  ‘free range chicken’, and recommending my blog.

To Olddani, for your regular, kind supportive words.

New Additions July 30th, 2009:

This blogging world has provided me with a creative outlet; without it, my life would be less rich. I began the blog with a view to helping me get down on ‘paper’ some of my ideas and stories that come from living this sort of subsistence lifestyle. What I didn’t count on or foresee was that it would also open up a rich environment for making friends and developing community.

Every now and then some of you stand out for various reasons: your generosity and ether support, your willingness to share your experiences and fears, or simply your being there since the beginning, or near beginning! All of your personalities have jumped out at me through the ether (or in Mike’s case here on the ground!), and caught my attention and affection. So here are my new ‘Chum’ awards:

Suburban Bushwacker – for our many discussions, and most of all for not letting pink threaten your macho image.

Phelan of A Homesteading Neophyte – for your kinship in the ‘freaking out first time’ kidding experience, and for sharing your delicious goat meat recipes.

Small Pines – for your sense of humour, great writing style, being a fine example of a ‘who-dunnit’ conversion from dreamer to dream actualizer, and most of all for enquiring if I was OK after a spell of down-time.

MMP of The Art of Proprietation – for your fine blog, for the kidding support, and for helping me not to ‘freak out’.

Tony – of Little Ffarm Dairy – for ‘lurking’ quietly until you were needed!

Fred – of Blackfarms– for the great conversations, for sharing your many thoughtful suggestions and brainstorming methods.

Michael Wigle of Jumping Mouse Productions – for your inspirational photography, for being flexible and open to trade, for understanding what ‘real food’ is, and for being a friend who is here ‘live and in color’.

Thank-you to everyone who reads this blog and participates through sharing comments, questions, advice, and personalities. You help make my remote existence less lonely, and thus easier to maintain.

3 responses to “The ‘Chum’ Awards

  1. LittleFfarm Dairy


    thanks, Kristeva – I’m honoured! The world’s a small & cosy place when you have friends….& even on the most remote farmstead we can all enjoy a laugh & (at least, a ‘virtual’!) glass of homemade wine together.

    We hugely admire what you’re doing way over there & wish you the very best of luck, although I don’t think you need it, as you’re doing such a fantastic job.

    And I love the idea of the salmon…yummy! One of the most spectacular sights round here is watching the salmon leap up Cenarth falls on New Year’s Day – amazing. And the local rivers still have a good stock of sewin (sea trout) – so I suppose all the rain we’ve been having here in old ‘Blighty’, must be good for something.

    Anyway I feel most honoured to receive your ‘Chum’ Award & look forward to the salmon supper…..I’ll get Tony working on that flight!

    Many thanks – Jo & LittleFfarm Dairy menagerie.

    P.S. As requested – I’ve done a post on the Long Barn, especially for you.

  2. It’s my pleasure my friend. I’m so glad to see the important and valuable connections you’ve made on here! Your posts make me cry – for their emotional and passionate content, as well as for the fact that they make me so proud of you! To think of all those years ago when we were trudging through art school together! xo

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